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Mexico City Favorites

It's our family tradition to travel during the holidays - it's the best gift we can give to each other spending time as a family exploring new places. So as long as our schedules allow, we will keep this going.

This year, with 5 nights to work with, we chose Mexico City. Not a long plane flight from home, Mexico City has a lot to offer, rich in history and culture, beautiful sights, and, of course, healthy, delicious food! Like most of us, I let my standards slide a bit (or more;) when it comes to eating on vacation. After all, travel is about spending time with loved ones and exploring new places. Don't get me wrong, I still look for delicious vegan options anywhere I go, I just don't sweat it. So when I find something healthy and delicious, I nearly jump for joy. Mexico City was that kind of place. It has something for everyone. For the carnivore lovers there are delicious tacos al pastor originally created at El Tizoncito taquería in Condesa (Hipódromo) to possibly the most delicious vegan mexican food we've ever tasted at La Pitahaya (Roma Norte) to one of the best meals I have ever had in my life at Rosetta Restaurante (Roma Norte) where you get a trifecta of their most delicious homemade bread, delicious plant-based dishes and a perfectly selected (even local) wine list.

Keep in mind that we were only there for 5 nights and it was during the holidays when many business (including restaurants) are closed and thereby the remaining ones are often booked. Some nights we felt lucky to get in anywhere but you never have to worry in CDMX, there is always a good taco somewhere close by when you need it :)

So if you're headed to Mexico City and need some food for thought, here is our list of favorites...I hope you'll make the journey. It's well worth it!

1) Rosetta Restaurante (Roma Norte) - best overall. Menu changes, don't miss dessert, it's worth it!

2) La Pitahaya Vegana (Roma Norte) - best vegan. Try the Mole Mixteco (pictured top of page) and hibiscus cooler. YUM!!!

3) VegAmo MX (Central) - great vegan spot in the historic district with especially creative beverages. Try the Morning Tonic (pictured below) for something lighter, Superfood Rockstar if you're going big.

4) Amaya - best drinks (check out the cocktail list and natural wine selections)

5) Tout Chocolat (Condesa, Hipódromo) - best chocolate! (try the Hot Spiced Chocolate)

6) La Nuclear Pulqueria, (Roma Norte). the best spot for this long enjoyed local fermented beverage. Flavors change daily.

Hope you make it to beautiful Mexico City!

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