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Meet Leslie


A certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach (HHC) and founder of Feeding Your Goals, I love sharing healthy recipes and lifestyle tips designed to help you feel better and live a more vibrant and energetic life. Our guided detoxes are delicious and sustainable, get real results with whole food ingredients, all without deprivation!

Here's what people are saying....

"Leslie's 5-Day detox exceeded my expectations. I drank more water than I have in a 5-day period, lost 6 pounds, and learned that I may possibly enjoy cooking sometimes, which came as a complete shock to me and my husband!" - Jen, Sacramento, CA

"Before Leslie's detox, I was low carb/sugar but very undisciplined. This was the perfect kick in the pants I needed! But really not a kick 'cause I enjoyed it and it made me feel great! I have also saved money on grocery bills and with no strenuous exercise -mostly short walks - I lost 6.5 pounds in just 5 days!" - Bob, San Francisco, CA

"Leslie was my inspiration while I was doing an intensive cleanse. She was ready to answer any questions and gave daily encouragement. As an added perk, she provided delicious recipes that I  still use today." - Sheryl, San Anselmo, CA  
"Leslie changed my life. With healthier eating habits, I now eat more vegetables, higher quality meats, healthier everything." I cook now more than ever, and when I have a guilty pleasure, I know how to appreciate it." - Ron, San Francisco, CA