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Cleansing Lentil Veggie Casserole

One of the keys I've found to good health is doing a deep 14-day (or more) Ayurvedic cleanse every Fall and Spring when the seasons change. After years of trying various different cleanses, I am a big fan of the Colorado Cleanse (see my website under Shop Lifespa Products). I have built my own collection of recipes based on this cleanse and update it every season. I offer personal guidance throughout the cleanse, something my clients find particularly helpful. Cleansing can be confusing, after all. As well as life-changing.

In my own personal journey, and struggling with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), this cleanse has helped me like none other to not only detox my body but heal my gut. Before I started doing these cleanses years ago, I could not eat wheat without feeling tired and bogged down. Now I can enjoy a good sourdough (a San Francisco specialty!) with my avocado toast and feel energized instead of spent. This is just one example of the many benefits I've experienced with this healthy habit.

This recipe is new on the Fall rotation and I love it! It takes a bit of time, but with a little patience, you will have plenty of delicious nutritious food for days...try it and let me know what you think!

Let me know if you're interested in working with me on a cleanse. Over the years, I have developed everything from 5-day beginner's detoxes to 14-day deep cleanses. All of these can be done with or without supplements.

Lentil Veggie Casserole

Serves 10, (cook time about 1.5 hours)


1 cup brown rice, soaked for 2 hours

1 cup French green lentils

1 cup organic vegetable broth

½ cup yellow onion, diced

2 Tbsp organic tomato paste

1 lb sweet potatoes, scrubbed and diced

2 cups cauliflower florets

2 cups broccoli florets

1 14.5 ounce can organic diced tomatoes (or use whole and chop yourself)

½ cup frozen peas

1 Tbsp ground cumin

½ tsp ground ginger

½ tsp ground turmeric

¼ tsp cayenne (or less if you prefer less heat)

1 tsp mesquite powder (optional but helpful for blood balancing)

¼ tsp Ceylon cinnamon

1 tsp sea salt

Freshly chopped cilantro for garnish


1) After soaking rice, rinse well and add to 4 quart pot with 1 ½ cups filtered water. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmer, cover and cook for 45 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand covered for another 10 minutes.

2) While the rice is cooking, rinse the lentils and add to a pot with 2 ½ cups filtered water. Bring to boil then reduce heat, cover and cook about 25 minutes, or until tender.

3) Preheat over to 375 F degrees. In a large (8-quart) Dutch oven, add vegetable broth and heat. When steaming, add onion and cook until translucent. Add tomato paste and cook until caramelized, adding more broth as needed to prevent burning. Add potatoes and cook, stirring frequently for about 10 minutes. Add cauliflower and broccoli and cook 2 minutes more. Vegetables should still be slightly firm. Add spices, stir and cook for another minute, or until fragrant.

4) Drain rice and lentils and add to pot with vegetables. Stir to combine and pour mixture into a large casserole. All this can be done ahead.

5) When ready to bake, cook in a 375 degree oven for 20-30 minutes or until heated through and vegetables are cooked. Allow to stand before serving and garnish with chopped cilantro.

6) Leftovers can be refrigerated for up to 5 days and kept frozen for up to 3 months.

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